August 5, 2007

Free Online High School Courses & Homeschool Curriculum

Looking for homeschool curriculum and free online high school courses? I’ve discovered a great website that includes links to:

  • Interactive Geometry courses with online video.
  • Online Algebra I courses with free homework, quizzes, and tests (with key).
  • American History and Western Civilization courses with video instruction.
  • Online Pre-calculus and Calculus courses (including AP) with video.
  • Interactive AP Biology I and AP Biology II with homework, quizzes and tests (with key).
  • Physics, Environmental Science, and Chemistry courses.
  • Online English grammar courses, writing assignments, principles of composition.
  • Online journalism, newswriting, and screenwriting courses.
  • Online Advanced Placement (AP) Courses.
  • Literature Unit Studies for Grades 9-12.
  • 13 free Computer Science courses from MIT.
  • Free programming and web design courses.
  • Free Video Series on How to Debate, and Fundamentals of Debate.
  • Free Online courses on probability and statistics.
  • Free Science, Social Studies, Health Education, Math, English, & Foreign Language Courses.
  • Music Theory (including instruction, assignments and sound files), and Music Appreciation courses.
  • An introductory statistics course complete with 12 thirty-minute video lectures, assignments, quizzes, online calculator, and exams with answer keys.

All of this (and more) is listed at Hoagie’s Gifted Free Online High School Courses. Odd name, but it’s a great collection of online courses and curriculum. Frankly, this is one of the best free resource sites I’ve discovered for homeschool parents and educators. Enjoy!


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August 9, 2007

Carolyn K. @ 11:28 pm

Thanks for the link!  And if you like this, try my page of Internet Investigations… free online curriculum units, and curriculum libraries, for K-12 and beyond.

And for more resources, articles and research on homeschooling gifted kids, visit


Caroyn K.

August 10, 2007

Sue @ 11:05 am

Thanks for compiling all of this, Carolyn. It is quite helpful!


May 23, 2008

tanzania hernandez @ 9:38 am

If I take these courses, do I get high school science credit?

Sue @ 3:46 pm

Hi Tanzania.

That will depend on where you are located. Different states (countries) have different guidelines. Assuming you are located in the U.S., you can use these resources to develop a program of study to receive high school science credit.

Best wishes,


August 25, 2008

noe'l @ 7:34 pm

If I do this, will I get a diploma or a G.E.D?

June 12, 2009

Sue @ 5:20 pm

If you homeschool legally (check the rules in your particular state/country), your child will receive a regular high school diploma & transcript.

Homeschoolers do NOT receive G.E.D’s.

October 18, 2009

jessica dion @ 4:59 pm

I am looking for an online homeschool I can do. I am 18 years old and married and I would like to do my schooling at home. please send me some information. thanks so much. jessica dion

October 20, 2009

Samantha Bycsek @ 10:27 pm

I’m looking for a free online homeschooling i can do. I’m 17 and just moved with my father and going through tough times trying to get back into high school. But i have to go through court in order to get transfered. Please let me know if there is anything with free homeschooling online. Thank you.

Samantha Bycsek

February 8, 2010

Courtney Loring @ 4:44 pm

Hi, I’m in trouble. I have not went to school since the first week the school year started and i am starting a new school on the 25th but i am scared because i dont know anything about school. my brain is fried, i need help. are there any online schools that i can take for credit recovery?

April 24, 2010

adriana @ 11:16 am

I stay in the U.S. Can i get a diploma doing the online course?

August 17, 2010

NJS @ 10:16 pm

I am 17 and wanted some AP classes for my senior year of homeschooling and i can’t find any online please help

September 9, 2010

kee shuff @ 1:38 pm

i am 17 and i dont want to go to school they said i cant drop out so if i take online classes do i still have to go to school?

September 28, 2010

Kelly Ragle @ 6:09 pm

My son is 17 and is suppose to be a senior this year, but I withdrew him because he started having panic attacks. He said he can’t handle all the people at school. I am interested in home schooling him but can’t afford it. Is ther anything out there that can help me help him graduate?

September 29, 2010

jumana @ 5:47 am

hi i am looking for free homeschooling online (high school). could anyone tell me where i can find one pls

November 23, 2010

Jessica @ 9:27 pm

hi my name is jessica and i want to go to college next year to be a child and youth worker but i just found out that one of my marks is too low to get in and they wont let me go to school just for one class. so i was wondering if there was a course either at home or online i could take to upgrade my mark. can anyone please help me?

April 10, 2011

Sunshine:) @ 9:22 pm

Hello Kee,
It seems you’ve possibly been misinformed! Depending on which state you live in, at 17 years old you are concidered a legal adult (in many situations), with certain legal rights! One of which allows you to drop out of high school by the age of 17! Concider the fact that school officials don’t want you to “drop out” because they inevitably loose state school funding for you (and everyone else who drops out) once you’re off their enrollment! Check the laws in your state to learn your rights. And, yes, there is help for you to further your education without interference from the public school system. Check out one of many homeschool options like “Grace Homeschool Association”. Strive to reach your potential! God Bless you with Peace&Happiness!

August 3, 2011

GM @ 5:32 pm

Insight is an online high school that also does credit recovery. With insight you can make your own schedule and that is really wonderful. This can also be used as public school at home for an actual diploma.

August 7, 2011

Sierra @ 4:27 am

I need to find a free or really cheap homeschooling program. I prefer non online classes, but I’m open for whatever at this point someone. please help me. I need to know where to even start looking.

August 22, 2011

Page @ 12:14 am

Hello! I’m in a rut and was hoping you could help me out. I am 16 yrs old. Last year I failed 10th grade in the public school system, so I am doing 10th and llth grade this year by homeschooling to graduate on time. I live in NY, so education laws are really strict, and their aren’t a lot of options that are free. I’m really stuggling with finding free Spanish 3/4 and Chemistry (with lab included) courses on the internet. My spending limit (well, my mom’s spending limit, who is in the RN program at the local college-God bless her soul) is $200. I’m really stressing out b/c I know I can’t get 10th and 11th grade curriculum all for $200. Any advice, or websites with free full courses?

August 23, 2011

Cinthya Chavez @ 12:33 pm

Hi… I am a 10th grade student and just started homeschooling. I was wondering… how do I take these courses? And how will I get credit? I need a lot of information, please help I am new to this, and just want my education.

Sue @ 12:46 pm


Most curriculum courses are not free. Yes, you can definitely purchase 10th and 11th grade Spanish books, along with self-teaching Chemistry books, for under $200. I recommend Amazon.

Here is the page for “High School Chemistry” books:

The book titled, “Chemistry: Concepts and Problems: A Self-Teaching Guide (Wiley Self-Teaching Guides)” looks like a very good choice for high school chemistry.

You can do the same thing for Spanish 3/4. Go to Amazon and search for “high school Spanish textbooks.” There are many excellent choices.

You will need to take responsibility for educating yourself, (and studying each day) if you expect to complete both 10th and 11th grade curriculum in one year. Good luck.

To others who have asked about inexpensive homeschool curriculum, I recommend the “Robinson Curriculum.”   The Robinson Curriculum is a complete K-12 homeschool curriculum for $195. It was developed by a scientist and his six children. I have not personally used the Robinson Curriculum, but I know many others who have, and they highly recommend it.


August 21, 2012

Rayna Schuster @ 1:23 pm

My son dropped out of high school being of this year. He will be 18 on August 22. He has 9 credits. I want him to get his high school diploma. He would like to be home schooled. But I can’t afford it. Would you help me find the courses that he needs to get his diploma? Are there any courses out there that are free?

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